We celebrate the uniqueness of our clients and are honored every time they put their trust in us for the health and beauty of their hair.


Mai Blossom Organic Salon has been a blessing for me since I have allergies and chemical sensitivities. In my profession, as a Clinical & Holistic Nutritionist and Herbalist, I am very aware of the toxins people are commonly exposed to and the side effects they are causing. I have seen the side effects in my clients throughout the years, especially when someone has auto-immune conditions. Whatever we apply on our skin or hair gets absorbed through our bloodstream. Mindy uses only high-quality, pure products, so when you leave, you don't go home with a toxic burden. My hair looks and feels radiant!!! I have recommended my clients to Mindy for her truly chemical-free, healthy Haircolor.


WOW! After moving to California from Hawaii, I have finally found my hair guru! I contacted Mindy 6 months prior to moving out here, and Mindy always answered my questions and concerns. Her knowledge and compassion made me feel comfortable with trying a new hairdresser. Mindy helped my hair become the shiniest and softest it's ever been. Her use of Henna is what attracted me to this salon. I am allergic to PPD, which is found in hair dyes, and can only use Henna in my hair. The henna is all-natural and organic so it doesn't damage my hair. When I first met Mindy, she asked about my allergy and the allergic reactions I've had to make sure that Henna was the right fit for me. I appreciate that she took the time to talk to me to understand my situation. I am consistently thrilled with my hair results! Mindy is an incredible hairdresser and her salon is so relaxing and comforting. I would recommend Mindy to everyone! The all natural coloring is an added bonus to Mindy's kindness and talent.


I am a psychologist in private practice and I need to look on point. I am also conscious about how chemicals impact my health. When I discovered Henna, I was amazed at how shiny, thick, and healthy my hair looked...yes, it even covered my grays! I get compliments on my hair all the time from other professionals. I would highly recommend Mai Blossom Salon for the wonderful organic beauty services they offer, especially the organic Henna!


As a holistic doctor that helps people detoxify, it was important for me to find a salon that did not use harsh chemicals and treatments. Mindy's salon has no strong chemical odor (unlike every single other hair salon I've walked into) and was a very peaceful environment. My experience with Mindy was phenomenal as well. She cut my hair in a skillful way that matched exactly what I was hoping for. I will be back and I would highly recommend her!


I'm so happy I found Mindy! She is very kind and keen to find the best solution for you. I have been on a journey to remove as many toxins as possible from my life. Having a bunch of white hair, not coloring them isn't an option. Thankfully nature is amazing and Mindy offers her own mix of henna color. The process is slightly different than what you are used to at regular salons. I look forward to seeing the transformation of my hair with all the nutrition received with the mix Mindy makes. Highly recommended if you are looking for a natural alternative to treat your hair!


Mindy is an amazing hairstylist who truly cares about her clients’ health and wellbeing. Four years ago, I arrived at my first appointment with Mindy highly frustrated because I spent years paying tons of money for color and highlights that only left my hair dull and overprocessed. Mindy encouraged me to adopt a healthier hair care regime that included washing and styling my hair with natural hair products, using hot rollers instead of a curling iron and switching to ammonia-free hair color. However, the big game-changer for my hair was when Mindy convinced me to try the henna hair color. Once I tried the henna hair color, I was hooked. Using the henna color consistently totally transformed my hair from being dry, brittle hair that never seemed to grow into long, thick, lustrous hair that people -including my husband -compliment me on. So if you want to escape the traditions of coloring your hair at the expense of your health, call Mindy at Mai Blossom and ask her about Henna Hair color.


It’s difficult to find a hairdresser you can trust. As a doctor focusing on integrative endocrinology (hormones) I am constantly working with my patients to reduce the burden of environmental toxicity on their systems. One of the primary places my patients struggle is haircare - there just aren’t many salon owners who understand the necessity of high quality non-toxic products. But Mindy does. I have referred multiple patients to Mindy with excellent results, and she is the only hairdresser I will personally see. You can’t go wrong with Mai Blosson Organic Salon!


I have been using Henna on my hair exclusively for the past 6 years. I chose Henna because of the toxic chemicals that are used in other hair colors. I still needed something to cover up my grays. I met Mindy last year when transitioning from another salon. Mindy is an amazing colorist and was able to color my hair in a one-step process and I now have a more consistent color than my previous salon. She is innovative and determined to cover even the most persistent grays! She is sweet, punctual, well priced and the salon is easy to access. Her salon is welcoming, and clean with positive energy. I highly recommend her for all of your hair care needs!


My henna hair experience was as amazing as they say it is! Having previously dyed my hair many years back and it being incredibly damaging I was scared to touch my hair after, however, Mindy was so kind and made me feel very comfortable with what I was putting into my hair. Now my hair is strong, healthy, and has a beautiful shine! I would recommend this treatment to others as my experience was incredible!


Mindy is an absolute miracle worker. I am so grateful to have been turned onto natural hair color by her! The henna and indigo do wonders for my hair color, shine, and health. Thank you Mindy for all that you do. My hair thanks you too