MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor

Step into an exceptional organic hair color experience that is uniquely yours.  Our natural organic hair color and scalp treatments are made from purely plant-based ingredients that not only nourish your hair and scalp, but also promote healthy hair growth.

Redefining Hair Color Process

Handcrafted from purely organic, natural ingredients, our plant-based hair color is completely chemical free.  NO Parabens, NO PPD, and toxic-free.  We pride ourselves on using high-quality ingredients of pure plant botanicals and nutritive herbs, including infusions of rose petals, and pure therapeutic essential oils.  Our nourishing NutriPure Organic Hair color promotes healthy hair and scalp while restoring your hair to its beautiful color and shine.

Added Beauty Benefits: Our truly organic hair color nourishes the scalp, strengthens and protects hair against styling stresses and environmental factors, increases volume, and restores shine.

Since there are zero chemicals in our color, the plant dyes need time to adhere to and infuse the hair with color.  We offer the following two application methods for our NutriPure Organic HairColor:

Application Only –  This is our most requested service.  We apply the organic hair color and wrap your hair up to process naturally as you go about your day.  Once processing time is complete, approximately 2-3 hours, you can rinse it out anytime at home, at your convenience.

In-Salon Treatment –  This option is for Clients who would prefer to have the color treatment completed in the salon.  Hair color is applied and placed under heat to expedite the processing time, approximately 60 minutes (note that sometimes this color service processes up to 80%, though the color does continue to process fully over the next few days.)  When finished, we rinse you out as usual, and you can then add our Blowout service.


Please Note: Long and/or thick hair may result in additional charges.

NutriPure Organic HairColor
Application Only
Root Regrowth Only (45 mins)
Full All Over Color (120 mins)$125*
In Salon
Root Regrowth Only (75 mins)
Full All Over Color (120 mins)$165*

Hair Styling

Prices for In Salon NutriPure Service Only

Beautiful Blowout (15-30 mins)$25*
Added Hot Tool Styling$20*
Application Only (45 mins)$95*
In-Salon Rejuvenation Treatment (90 mins)$125*

Restorative Hair Conditioning Treatment

This organic conditioning treatment is the perfect solution for dry damaged hair. It is designed to add a protective barrier around each individual strand of hair. Highly recommended for all hair types seeking added strength and shine.



Application Only (45 mins)$125*
In Salon Restorative Conditioning Treatment (90 mins)$165*

* Please Note: Additional charge will be added onto each service for all clients who have longer and/or thicker hair.