Frequently asked questions


What is MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor?

MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor consists of organic plant-based ingredients that are drawn from the ancient practice of coloring hair, dating back to Cleopatra. We brought this ancient art into modern day. What we have is a truly organic hair color that has ZERO chemicals that nourishes the hair and promotes a healthy scalp. It’s so good that we call it a Haircoloring Treatment.


How does MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor work?

The natural plant pigment (which is the coloring agent) attaches itself on the outside of the hair cuticles. As it coats the hair strand and settles, it binds to the keratin of the hair. It works with your hair’s natural highlights and undertones, creating a more natural, beautiful look and brilliant shine.


What are the benefits of using MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor?

Besides coloring your hair in the healthiest and safest way possible, MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor offers many other benefits. It helps to detox the scalp while promoting healthy hair growth. It also repairs, thickens and strengthens the hair while it colors.


Is MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor permanent?

Yes, it is a permanent hair coloring treatment. While the color may fade a little after repeated washing and exposure to the elements, it is more lasting and holds color much longer than traditional hair dyes.


Can MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor lighten your hair?

No, MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor cannot lighten hair. It is a deposit only hair color. If you have grays, and depending on the percentage of grays, it can be used as natural highlights with the right color selection.


Does MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor work on gray hair?

Yes, it does cover gray, but not like the typical hair color. Since MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor has zero chemicals, it does not give you an opaque and artificial color. Your grays will take on a lighter color than your natural color, which will give you a blended, highlighted look. If you desire complete coverage, then we recommend opting for two applications.


Is MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor safe for pregnant women and cancer patients?

We always recommend you consult with your doctor because your health is unique. Our hair color has ZERO chemicals. We use only genuine plant-based ingredients in their purest form.


Who cannot get MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor?

Anyone who has Favism (G6PD deficiency) should not use MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor.


Is MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor safe for chemically treated hair?

Yes, since it is free from metallic salts, PPD and chemical additives, it is safe to use along with other hair dyes. If you want to go back to chemical hair color at some point, you may do so.


I’ve had a reaction to synthetic hair dye before. Is it safe for me to use MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor?

Yes, this is a wonderful alternative organic hair color for people who have minor to severe allergic reactions to traditional chemical hair dye. The ingredients have an incredibly long history of use and your chance of being allergic to it is very low (unless you have a genetic condition called G6PD Deficiency, in which case you should not use our MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor.) We offer a complimentary patch test if you are highly sensitive to the chemical dye you used.


How does MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor differ from salon chemical dyes?

MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor is handcrafted with pure plant-based ingredients and has ZERO chemicals. Since it has no chemicals, it requires time for the color to develop. If processed naturally, it requires about 3 hours, depending on your hair texture and the amount of grays you have.


What color application methods do you offer at Mai Blossom?

We offer two options for processing of MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor. One is for application only. With this process, it is applied to your hair, and wrapped up. You let it process for 3 hours, and then you rinse it out yourself. The other option is for an In-Salon treatment. With this process, it is applied to your hair, and then heat is applied for about an hour, which speeds up the processing time. We then rinse out your hair in the salon.


What are the differences of the Application Only versus the In-Salon treatment?

Application only is minimal in cost, and allows nature to color the hair naturally, creating a deeper color stain. The hair and scalp receive more benefits from the nutrients in the hair color mask. The In-Salon treatment has a shorter processing time of one hour, and hair is rinsed out in the salon. This is best for people with limited time to allow for processing, and/or who do not wish to rinse out at home.


What is PPD?

PPD is short for Paraphenylenediamine. It is a chemical substance widely used in permanent hair dye. PPD is primarily used as a component of industrial engineered composites and polymers. It is an industrial-grade additive that should not be on your skin.Studies have shown PPD can be very harmful to your health. The National Institutes of Health have also found an increased risk of breast cancer among women using chemical hair dyes. Links to published research information on PPD toxicity is located on our Resources page.


Can I go back to chemical dyes if I’m not happy with MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor?

Due to the health risks and possible damage to hair and skin, we never recommend using chemical dyes. However, you may go back to them at any time. There are no adverse effects resulting from the use of MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor should you follow up its use with a chemical dye.


How is MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor better than chemical dyes?

MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor is purely plant-based and completely organic. Unlike chemical dyes, it does not damage your hair or skin, or cause harm to your health.


I used chemical dyes in the past and have damaged hair. Can I still opt for MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor?

Yes, you can. In fact, using MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor will gradually help strengthen and thicken your hair. And since there are zero chemicals, it will not cause further damage to your hair. You will see your hair get stronger, healthier and more beautiful.


Why should I choose MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor over chemical dyes?

There are quite a few benefits of using MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor. Our color will improve the health of your hair and scalp. It will give your hair a natural shine and vibrant color, strengthen and thicken it, and give your hair an overall healthier look. It also has the added benefit of not being harmful to the environment.


Is MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor environmentally friendly?

Yes. We use only organic and pure ingredients, making it very safe for the environment. Our organic hair color has no chemicals whatsoever. We, and our clients, feel good about creating beautiful hair while not causing any harm to the environment.


How pure is MAI NutriPure Organic HairColor?

It is the purest HairColor you will ever experience. Other than the plant based hair coloring ingredients, you could eat all of the other hair-health promoting ingredients we add to our proprietary formulas. They are organic, and food-grade. We call it Hair Food or Hair Smoothies, because it is so nutritious to your hair and health.

Experience the Amazing Benefits of Organic Henna Hair Color at Mai Blossom Organic Salon! Our Organic hair color is entirely plant based and contains no chemical additive as our goal is to ensure that we provide the best natural solutions that foster good health for our clients.