About us

San Diego’s #1 Organic Hair Salon

Mai Blossom is San Diego’s number one Organic hair salon. We take pride in providing outstanding salon services using natural and organic ingredients. We are committed to excellence in everything that we do.

Meet Mindy

Mindy Nguyen is founder and owner of Mai blossom. A veteran with over 30-years experience in the mainstream beauty industry. Mindy believed that beauty should never come at the expense of the environment, nor a person’s health. She knew there was a better way to get beautiful skin and hair without using harsh chemicals. She started Mai Blossom in 2005 and it has since become the place in San Diego to get organic hair and holistic hair treatments.


Is Mai Blossom Right for You?

Certified premium organic ingredients derived from nature, make hair treatments at Mai Blossom safe for everyone.

If you have reacted to chemical dyes previously, you can rest assured that at Mai Blossom, the chance of adverse reactions is minuscule. Our organic Henna hair color and intensive scalp treatments rejuvenate and restore even dry, damaged, and thinning hair.

More importantly, the organic Henna color and restorative hair treatments we use, are just as visually beautiful as they are safe.

Re-Imagining Beauty

Mai Blossom organic salon in San Diego caters to both men and women. Re-imagine beauty and healthier hair with us.